Princes Highway
Veterinary Hospital 

30 Princes Highway, Kogarah, NSW 2217

(02) 9588 2088

St George Animal Hospital

325 Princes Highway, Carlton NSW 2218
(Currently relocated due to redevelopment)

(02) 9587 3599


Dr. Zoe graduated from Western Sydney University in 2017 after completing a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and has always been passionate about animal care since a young age. She has been the Saturday nurse at SGV since the start of her veterinary degree and is now one of veterinarians here since completing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Sydney in 2022.

Dr Zoe has a particular interest in small animal, especially feline, medicine, and would love to work more with reptiles in the future.

In her spare time, Dr Zoe enjoys fostering kittens and catching up with her family and friends.