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St George Vets offers onsite radiology services with state of the art digital xray equipment.

If any illness or injury requires an Xray to investigate further, this can be performed quickly and efficiently at our clinic.

x ray

X-rays can be used to visualise bones, joints, organs, and soft tissues, and can help detect a variety of conditions, including fractures, tumours, foreign objects, and other abnormalities.

The process of taking X-rays of a pet is similar to that of taking X-rays of a human. The pet will be positioned on a table or stand, and the X-ray machine will be positioned over the area of interest. The X-ray technician or veterinarian will then take the X-ray, which usually only takes a few seconds. In some cases, sedation may be necessary to keep the pet still during the X-ray.

Once the X-ray has been taken, the images will be developed and interpreted by a veterinarian. The results of the X-ray can help guide diagnosis and treatment of the pet's condition.

It's important to note that X-rays do expose pets (and humans) to a small amount of radiation, but the benefits of the diagnostic information they provide usually outweigh the risks. Additionally, veterinarians take precautions to minimise the pet's exposure to radiation, such as using lead aprons and collars to shield the pet's body from unnecessary exposure.

If your pet needs to have X-rays taken, your veterinarian can provide more information about the process and what to expect.